Luxembourg Design Awards

KAIWA was tasked with the creative direction of the Luxembourg Design Awards 2019. Development of the entire design language, a lavishly printed infographic event poster, a catalogue presenting all the winners and participants, personal invitations, the design of the stage and the creative leadership in the development of the animations for the award ceremony. The main illustration visually describes the working method of a designer in a playful and narrative way. Where does one find his inspiration and which path leads us to fruitful ideas. In designing the poster, I used the power of metaphor. The so-called 'creative juice' clearly stands for creativity, the lifeblood of every designer and designer. Like a river, creativity makes its way through the landscape, past the magical forest of imagination, the valley of irrationality, and powerfully drives the ancient mill of inspiration. Those who are brave enough dare even through the risky waterfalls down to the lakes of fresh ideas. Others prefer to go the 'mainstream' way past the 'brainstorm', use the treasures of the pyramids of standards, or even end up in the uninspired desert. In the sumptuous Palace of Remembrance, only the best ideas are kept. Right next to them, the Leuchtturm portfolio with its bright headlamps radiates far out into the sea of ​​the customers where the ships, embarked on final projects, embark on their exciting journey. On their journey to the coast, many got lost in the dark cave of ability and skills ;) Be inspired and let your creative juices flow!

Design Luxembourg
Release Date:
June 2019
Corporate Design

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